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Question Winchester and Browning 52 Re-issue database

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Hello All!

I was looking back at all of the threads having to do with questions we have all posed regarding the manufacture, serial number sequence, finish and barrel variations and different models of the 52 re-issue rifles. I though that once and for all we could begin to enter the known data that we have by starting a poll that answers each of these five questions about the re-issue rifles that we all own. It may serve to give us a better understanding of the time frame for the various serial number types as well as answering a few other questions. The five questions I would like to ask for those of us who own re-issue 52 rifles are:

1. Is your rifle a Winchester or Browning marked rifle?
2. What is your rifle's serial number?
3. Does your rifle have a glossy or satin finished stock?
4. Which variants do you have? (ie: pencil barrel, heavy barrel, Fajen stock, Utah Centennial, other ?)
5. When did you purchase your rifle and was the rifle new or used?

Please submit your data if you own one or more 52 Re-issue rifles so that we can begin putting this database together.

Many Thanks!

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