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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
No, it just means they're using a low flash powder. They've never used flash suppressant powders in the .22Mag and that's rather obvious in shooting it. Like I said, this ain't rocket science, we're not cutting new trails here, slow burning powders yield the highest velocities, regardless of barrel length. This has been proven time and time again.

IMHO, reduced flash is not germane to the discussion, as it is not relevant in a sporting gun like the Single Six.
LIKE I SAID, were not talking about highest velocities. Why are you so argumentive and contradictory? You have refuted just about everything anyone has posted here. We don't know for sure what powders will be used in either of these new rounds, yet you begin this post with the word NO! You also began another post with the word NONESENSE! Your demeaning tone has been difficult to digest.This has been an informative and interesting thread without your insulting corrections and narrow minded opinions. Many of us find that reduced flash and blast is germane to a discussion about the use of a rifle cartridge in a revolver, but you are entitled to your opinion on that. Please refrain from any more obnoxious intrusions to this once civil chat.
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