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Thanks again for posting this. I did my first YoDave install today on my 455 American. I had a couple of observations/questions.

Originally Posted by OKShooter View Post
I obviously used YoDave's Kit. It comes with four springs of different strength, and four shimming tubes of different thicknesses.
First, on the shim thickness, the directions don't talk about how the red is actually the thickest shim, and the blue the thinnest. For example the instructions say the blue is 1/10000" and the red is 1/16000". It took me a while to noodle it out that this number doesn't refer to the thickness of the actual shim tube, but refers to the approx amount of sear engagement for each shim. The reason I was confused is that where I come from 1/10000 is thicker than 1/16000, and yet the red tube is thicker than the blue... So yeah, Dave might want to clarify that point, but not a big deal.

Originally Posted by OKShooter View Post
There is an obvious gap between the "shoulder" on the trigger and the face of the sear. The larger the gap, the more creep you are likely to feel in your trigger.
2) Isn't it the opposite of the way it is worded and shown here, or am I crazy? For me, I had the most creep from the factory with no space between the "shoulder" on the trigger and the face of the sear. The shims added gap where none existed previously, and reduced creep. So actually the bigger the gap you can get and still maintain engagement on the sear, the less creep you experience, correct?

Just for data sake, because I don't know if anyone has "yodaved" a 455 yet besides me, I didn't have a lot of creep in the factory trigger. I only could get away with a blue shim before going unsafe/uncockable. Also, the detent in the receiver of the 455 looks to be smaller in diameter or shallower than on the 452, and the yodave springs are wider then the factory spring and so do not fit that detent as well (but apparently good enough!) I haven't measured it yet, but the second heaviest spring feels best to me and passes the tests, and as mentioned, I had to go with the blue tube. When I try some of the other springs and shims from the kit on my 452FS, I'll know more to be able to compare the two.
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