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I'm a little late to the game in this discussion since I've been out of town for the last week but I would like to muddy your thoughts a little.
1) As far as residual value goes the catalog values before 1994 are more valuable than those after 1994, but not by much.

2) From a personal standpoint I have 3 Model 41's and a Model 46 ( all of them old) as well as many, many, many high end target pistols such as Medalist's, Challenger's, Woodsmen's, Hammerli's, Pardini's, Walther's....etc. The Model 41's are not in the same league as the European target gun's.......except one 7" Model 41 that is a Performance Center gun that I got used. If you look diligently you can probably find one of those. Good luck in whatever you choose.

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