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Originally Posted by dcmdon View Post
Thanks for the advice. When I started this thread I said I have recently been buying the guns I've always wanted.

One of my recent purchases was a Les Baer Custom Premier II .45. I've always wanted a Baer and its now my favorite centerfire pistol. If it balances like that, I'll be very happy.

p.s. one of the other ones is a M11/9. Rude crude bullet hose that is sure to put a grin on any man or boy's face. . . . until they get the ammo bill. Can't wait for the lage .22 conversion kit.
The SW 41 is the closest rimfire to a 1911 unless you get a Kimber .45 with .22 insert or alone as an auto that fails to hold the bolt open after the last shot.

The 41 will be eons ahead of any Kimber insert or pistol in accuracy. I guess I don't need to introduce the Colt Ace in conversion or original. Either way the Colt Ace is worse in accuracy to the Kimber.
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