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if the rod hits the side of the chamber its out of time.
Where the cylinder locks up is controlled by the notches cut into the cylinder. If the barrel and cylinder do not line up, then the notches in the cylinder are cut in the wrong place, and it is going to be cheaper to get another cylinder than try and fix it. Timing refers to the lock up relationship between the cylinder and the sear. This is controled by the hand. One of three things is goin to happen. Either the hand is to long, and the cylinder is going to lock up before the hammer, not alowing the sear to engage the hammer at full cock. In this case, you need to remove a little material from the hand until the cylinder and hammer lock up at the exact same moment. If the hand is to short, the hammer is going to lock up before the cylinder, and you will have to turn the cylinder by hand to get it to lock. In this case, you can try and pean the hand to strech it a little bit, or get a new hand, and remove material until it's right. Third, the timing will be right, and no further sdjustment will be nesasary. Also make sure there is not exsessive cylinder gap. If it's to tight, chuck it in a lathe and take a little off. If its to big, it's cheaper to get another cylinder than to try and fix it.
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