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Originally Posted by bambam1723 View Post
I bought a SS that only came with the lr cylinder. I would like a mag cylinder for it.

MY buddy who deals at gun shows can get me one for $50. I have heard that one of these would need fitted to my gun.

My question is, how much would I be looking at for a gunsmith to do the work?
Is this the best option?
How much work is involved for the smith?

I also know you can send the gun back to Ruger and they will fit one:

Would I be better off to go this route and send it back to Ruger?
What all does this entail for those that have gone this route?
a phone call to SR will answer most of these questions
How would I ship it?
you can ship directly to SR and they can ship back to you. UPS/FEDEX
How much does this cost (ballpark)?
my friend has his SBH done and iirc, it was 100 for the CF but dont know about RFs.
How long would they have it (ball park)?
again CALL SR.

I would really love some advice from some guys who have had this done, one or both ways.
good luck
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