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I have a BB and a CM-2 Adult and the BB never gets used. It's a great little rifle but I like the trigger on the CM-2 better. If you are going to be competing even if just for bragging rights go with the CM-2. It's great to have a bunch of terrific rifles and I do, but I find that most of them are just dust collectors because of the CM-2 and the new 1907 and I am still NOT convinced the NEW Annie is a better shooter. Everyone keeps telling me that shooting with a new rifle I should expect my scores to drop, but I've never experienced this much of a retreat. In other words, the more I shoot the Annie the better I like my CM-2. If, I repeat, If I were to sell my 1907 I would spend the money upgrading the stock on the CM-2 AND get another CM-2.
Oh yeah, back to you. CM-2 without a doubt. Just to be able to shoot better than your friends when you get together. Clean it good first and the gun isn't very picky about ammo, but keep it standard velocity. Mine likes Wolf MT or Match Extra (I can't say one is better than the other) or the SK equivalents.
Federal 711B and 714 are just about equal to the others but I think they shoot a little dirtier and faster so I lean toward Wolf and SK.
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