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Originally Posted by B23 View Post
Old Hickory, are these FTF problems with a Bmag by chance?

My HB SS Bmag, when I first got it, had A LOT of FTF issues. I called Savage and talked to one of their techs and he thought the problem could be from how the trigger was dragging off of the sear which slows down the force of the firing pin striking and suggested I kinda jerk the trigger instead of a smooth gradual pull. I gave it a try and sure enough, with the exact same ammo I was having LOTS of FTF issues, it pretty much cured the FTF problem.

Jerking the trigger, instead of my normal gradual pull, was flat not going to work for me so I took my trigger apart, lightly sanded the sear contact points to clean any burr off the edge then polished it up to a mirror finish. It not only eliminated ever bit of creep/pretravel my trigger had in it but it also took care of my FTF issues and I can't remember the last time I had a FTF, and, I'm still shooting ammo from the same cases I bought years ago when I first purchased my Bmag.
Absolutely not a rifle issue. I had my rifle checked out 3 times by gunsmiths. The ammo I am having trouble with has been purchased within the last couple of years, some recently. I am shipping all the stuff to Winchester and see what we develop.

The problem is the primers of the ammo, little spots of primer material or none at all. This is what we discovered when we pulled bullets from the ftf rounds.

I have 10 or 11 boxes of ammo that is getting shipped to Winchester for their inspection.
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