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Originally Posted by Sav22 View Post
James, That serial number does not look right, could you check to see if you got it right? I'm thinking the first number isn't an 8 but a 3. If it's a 3 that would be the highest octagon barreled 29-A I've seen and fall under the lowest round barrel I have in my records, 41425. The highest 29-a I have seen is just over 60,000 -another reason I think your number must be wrong.

I would put the checkered stocks in the very high 90%'s. I've only seen 3 or 4, the two I have some info on both had 1950 date codes, one had a Utica addressed barrel and one had Chicopee Falls. The earliest 29-B's also have 1950 date codes and I have an example of a checkered 29-A with a 1949 date code. None of these late guns had serial numbers.
Hmmmmm.......I went back and rechecked the serial number. You are correct, and I had the wrong serial number. The correct number is 26998 with an "L" stamped underneath. I have no explanation for how I came up with the wrong number, but I appreciate you putting me onto that as I had it wrong in my records. Not sure how I messed it up that way - oldtimer's disease maybe. I pulled the gun from the safe to check the number and it is in better shape than I recalled.....easily better than 90%. The barrel blue is nearly perfect with the receiver showing a hint of the plum brown color. Address on barrel is Utica.

It is the one of the far right below:
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