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Originally Posted by vaguru View Post
I bought a used 1970 vintage 10 22 for my son about 30 years ago. Have no idea how many rounds through it, but I can tell you that the hole the steel "stop" pin goes in is elongated. It even has some peening on the rear of the hole.

After joining here and learning about buffers, it now has one. It will limit the future wear on that hole.
This is a "don't shoot the messenger" kind of post. The guy who didn't maintain the 10/22 it is squarely to blame for the elongated hole. If the recoil spring was replaced, the bolt never ever touches the bolt stop. Members here have run glass rod buffers with no ill effect. The bolt stop pin is a saving device.

Originally Posted by MannlicherFan View Post
2 questions..

1.) was "hot" ammo available back in '64 when the 10/22 first came to market?? Stingers, the Hot Aguila stuff, what-ever Remington calls there's & so on.

2.) What was the "nominal" velocity of 22lr ammo in '64? Today I would call 1200~1260fps nominal because those are the published ratings of most bulk pack 22 ammo.

If, say 1,000~1,100fps was nominal in '64, than maybe the bolt hitting the pin issue wouldn't have been an issue to start with.

Because there wouldn't have been enough recoil energy to drive the bolt all the way back to the point that it would strike the pin.

Just curious...
I'd guess that Stinger ammo came out in 1987 (ish) based on the boxes of '40th anniversary" CCI Stinger ammo I used to purchase. However the date is just a guess. The CCI Website however states 1967 as the stinger date. https://www.cci-ammunition.com/general/history.aspx

I believe they recently changed things however Ruger used to have a warning against Hyper Velocity ammo in the 10/22. Again if the rifle is properly set up (aka 'correctly sprung') it should be ok.

(See page 13) Ruger still doesn't like Stingers in CERTAIN rifles. http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/FIR...ruger_1022.pdf

Marlin (in red) doesn't like them and they only wait till page 4: https://www.marlinfirearms.com/sites...v%207_15SM.PDF
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