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Originally Posted by Jammer22 View Post
Well.. for 55 years, the 10/22 has worked just fine with a steel bolt stop pin.

My 1966 10/22 has countless rounds through it with no battering or elongating. The bolt never hits the pin so a buffer is unnecessary.

I like tuffer buffers
2 questions..

1.) was "hot" ammo available back in '64 when the 10/22 first came to market?? Stingers, the Hot Aguila stuff, what-ever Remington calls there's & so on.

2.) What was the "nominal" velocity of 22lr ammo in '64? Today I would call 1200~1260fps nominal because those are the published ratings of most bulk pack 22 ammo.

If, say 1,000~1,100fps was nominal in '64, than maybe the bolt hitting the pin issue wouldn't have been an issue to start with.

Because there wouldn't have been enough recoil energy to drive the bolt all the way back to the point that it would strike the pin.

Just curious...

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