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Originally Posted by Nick7274 View Post
I think he was just indicating the possibility of hitting someone at that distance (not necessarily in the eye). Run the same drill with a full man-size target and your results would probably be much better. Also 75 yds is quite a stretch for HD (unless we're talking zombie apocalypse end of the world kind of stuff).
Hey Nick sir thank you for the support I was just talking about hitting some one not thinking it would happen with OO buck but if I had some #4 shot at 1 1/4 OZ the number of pellets would be around 169 and same shot weight for #6 would give me about 281 pellets and my chances of facial tag or two might be a little better. I would not count on an eye hit but anywhere around the eye would make me happy. Especially if it's WWIII and I am firing as fast as I can to tag this wonderful guy even at 75 yards...I would think it would be more like 30yards out but every story is different. I feel the OO buck would be a wasted shot any father than 30 yards or so...as far as I know it was never designed for than far out.

The worst thing would be for me to put hole through another neighbor house. I have been hit by a #6 pellet about 60 yards out...on the leg only but it caught my attention.

I hope and pray none of us here have a problem like what we are talking about.

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