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Originally Posted by fourbore View Post
I hope those who purchase a wrangler because they are strapped for cash also take into account that the very first run of a brand new product can have some issues. Some could take a while to show up, such as wear points near the ratchet, cyc stop or loading gate or whatever. Others could be right out of the box.

I would also give the manual good read and look for any special suggestions around cleaning or lubrication. Fanning the gun? I have seen more than one alloy pistol with a busted trigger guard. Now with Ruger, I would be confident of a replacement, where there is no going back to the likes of Erma for a new frame.

BTW, the trigger guard on a single six blue gun is alloy and a very slight ding or drop and the black paint comes right off. I 'assume' ceracote is a lot better. And if so; maybe Ruger will see fit to apply the same upgraded finish to the single six, blue model, trigger guards. Same for the Blackhawk blue models. Those alloy trigger guards are terrible. Now they are building a whole gun out of the stuff.
Heritage makes a Steel Framed Convertible model that sells for less than 200.00.

Some will pay a little more for the Ruger name. I have a Steel Framed Heritage, it

Is matte black finish, shoots very well. I also like the frame mounted safety on the

Heritage. The fit and finish on the Ruger will be better, the cerakote will be better

than the Heritage painted finish. The Ruger will be a good starter pistol, some will

like the transfer bar system better. The all steel Uberti full size Cattleman can be

purchased for less than 270.00 if you watch and seek. It is heavier than a full size

45 Single Action Army. Super polished blue steel with case hardened frame, and

walnut stocks. There is a lot of single action .22 revolvers to pick from, all price

points. It is a buyer’s market!
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