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Originally Posted by Flash_80 View Post
Have to say I like it. Your scope is not too large either. Fits well with that stock/barrel and you've got it mounted at the perfect height.

Mine has the factory trigger that I worked down to around 2.5-2.75lbs, has a JWH bolt (did have a CPC worked factory, but had to swap because the JWH was having issues in another rifle), Rimfire Tech charge handle and mag release (probably not when this was taken), and the barrel was reworked by a guy that used to be here on the forums. Pillar and glass bedded, but nobody would know. Outshot my GM 18" bull the last time out (also pillar'd & bedded in a Revolution stock with a Kidd single stage). Just swapped this over to a GS 3-12-50 scope with an EBX reticle and loving it.

That is one good looking rig..
Pure class.
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