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For the red dot, my top tier is still the C-more RTS2. Though you've got a ton of options at several price points. At the more expensive end are the Vortex Razor (highly recommended), Leupold Deltapoint Pro (had one that sucked 2.5MOA, one thats good 7.5MOA triangle), C-More RTS2 - my favorite), and the Sig Romeo1 (pretty nice as well). Drop down a little to the Ultradot L/T (similar to the C-more but a 4MOA dot). Drop another bit of $$$ to the Vortex Viper (like) and Venom (most like, but I know 2 people that had issues with 3 of them, so not my bag), and the Burris Fastfire III (great, but a smaller window than the others). Some can be found for a decent price on both Ebay and on Wirthwein gun's. I got my Fastfire for quite a bit less from Ecop or someone like that off Ebay. Like $178 vs. $230 at some of the bigger retailers. And of course, there is always the C-more Railway, though I'm turned off of it for handguns due to how high it sits.

The Striplin Thumb rest is worth getting. The VQ bolt as well, but still, its a pretty ridiculous price if your stock bolt works fine. Just get a TK Halo racker instead if you don't have bolt issues. The VQ firing pin and extractor - worth it. Can't help on a holster.


Vortex Viper

Sig Romeo1 on the Buckmark

Fastfire III
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