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Originally Posted by rjf415 View Post
I find it interesting that many think that the Browning BL-22 has an all steel receiver. Please look at the BL-22 schematic (see link below) and you'll discover that the BL-22 has a steel cover that goes over an aluminum frame (part #31). Almost constructed like a Henry, just saying.

Browning BL-22 Schematic Link: http://www.browning.com/content/dam/...-432-bl-22.pdf

Sort of, but different in that the Browning's steel "cover" is actually the serial numbered receiver and the barrel of the Browning mounts to that receiver.

In the Henry, the barrel does not mount to the cover because the inner frame of the Henry is the receiver.


I'd say the Browning receiver/frame layout is closer to the Winchester 9422 than to the Henry due to the barrel mounting.

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