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Originally Posted by jstanfield103 View Post
The Henry is a good value lever action, it works well but I would like to see a steel receive on them like the other three have. I would not mind to pay the extra for the steel. They could make a supreme model with the steel and the extra cost.
One thing that Henry really excels at is their customer service is top notch.
Couldn't agree more....

I own a BL-22 Grade II, and think it's a wonderfully made little .22.

My father recently bought a Henry with the Octagon barrel, and while i think the action is smooth, it looks nice, and it's pretty accurate, the epoxy finished receiver is an eyesore. offer it in a steel receiver, and I'd seriously consider buying one. The receiver is "cheesy" looking. Don't mean to denigrate it, but Henry should consider an upgraded version.
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