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Originally Posted by Happy Kaboomer View Post
Owning all you cover except the Henry I would rate them as follows

Winchester 9422...First year production
Marlin 39a..............16" octagon bbl model 1897T
Browning BL22......Grade II 24" octagon, silver receiver

Choices are what we all make. My first 2 are all steel/flawless and will last 100 years. The Browning might last that long too.
You nailed it, except that I will put about any year of production of the 9422 at the top, and which BL-22 doesn't factor much into my evaluation. I do tend to prefer the earlier Winchesters and Brownings and the pre-crossbolt Marlins though. I detest that shiny finish of the Browning stocks and am not fond of the surface finish on the receiver. Some folks grouse about the sound and feel of the Marlin action, but that is exactly what I like most about it.

Having owned, worked on, and shot all four extensively, that is exactly how i would rank them. Oddly enough, the only bad BL-22 I have owned was a Grade II Octagon. Wouldn't hit the side of a barn so to speak.

My evaluation is based on accuracy, smoothness of operation, durability and overall quality, and that intangible I will refer to as "coolness factor".

This is not so much an indictment of Henry as a strong endorsement of the other three.

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