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Comment on the BL-22

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I just purchased a new Henry Goldenboy. Rifles shoots well and is comfortable. I was watching some videos on YouTube and one person ranked the lever actions as follows.
1. Winchester 9422
2. Henry
3. Browning BL-22
4. Marlin 39A

I can agree with the Marlin on the bottom of the list (it is for me also), I have never fired a 9422 so can't say if it beats the Browning or not. The Henry is good also but after shooting the Henry I picked up my favorite rifle (1980 BL-22) and could not believe the difference and how much nicer it was over the Henry. So I would rank them as follows.

1. Browning and or Winchester (I have to put Winchester here since I have never even held one)
2. Henry
3. Marlin (I have had three of these)

That Browning goes with me every time I am out shooting. Love that old gun. Have a brand new one that I have only shot once. My 1980 model just is a joy to shoot.
just a comment on what I think of and how good I think the Browning is.

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