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Mossberg 22 Rimfire Models & Specifications - The Letter Models (B, C, K)

Model B Bolt action single shot rifle.

  • Takedown, 22 lr,l,s. 22" barrel. Plain pistol grip stock, birch with walnut finish. Ivory bead front sight, open rear, adjustable for elevation only. Made 1930-1932.

Exploded View 2 Piece Bolt - Thanks @headhunter2!!

Exploded View 1 Piece Bolt Special thanks to Mosscoll for the Photo's.

Exploded View 1 Piece Bolt Special thanks to @headhunter2 for the Photo's.

Model C Bolt action single shot rifle.

  • Single shot bolt action rifle. Made 1931-1932

Exploded View
FOUND Thanks @headhunter2!!

Model K slide action repeater.

  • Hammerless, takedown, 22 lr,l,s, tubular magazine, holds (14)lr, (16)l, (20)s. 22" barrel. Weight 5 lbs. Plain straight grip walnut stock, grooved slide handle. Ivory bead front sight, model K rear sight. Made 1922-1931.

Exploded View

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