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E-Nickled magazines

I have done the Electroless Nickel finish for my frames, and magazines for many, many years, and it is not a plain plating, as some of the old nickel finishes in the past. It is a chemical reaction on the metal, that will not chip or peel, if done correctly, and can hardly be cut with a file. You have to have the EN kit that works, and some of the ones sold today, you can't heat without changing the color, and the kit I found years ago, could be heated for an hour to make very hard surface. You have to prepare the metal better than bluing, with proper acids, to enhance the chemical reactions to have a bond that lasts for years. I have done 45 1911's, and people refused to believe it was not stainless. I used to use some acids in the past, that you can't hardly get today, as they were so caustic, and dangerous, and rough on the respiratory tract. You will be pleased with the EN on the magazines, or frames if done correctly. The sears and hammers will be smooth as silk, and pristine release if properly prepared. I use EN on all my frames, and leave the slides blue, as I, and acid in skin to not work with bluing. Yes, even the alloys can be done with EN; however, it takes a different preparation, and only quality metal will work. The cheaper parts and frames have some zinc content, and this will not work. I only do my own EN today; however, don't worry about your magazines if properly done. The best adhesive to the EN finish is a light glass beading, and this method is much more economical for the gun company, than the SS metal.
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