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Kidd Supergrade 1/4" likely?

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I know they guarantee 1/2" but I have a number of 1/2" guns. That's 5 shot 1/2" group at 50 yards of course with preferred ammo.

Also I know there are a number of items that can make a gun variable in how well it shoots.

I also know shooter is the biggest equation.

So knowing/assuming all that my question is pretty simple as we are talking about the Kidd Supergrade rifle w/heavy 20" barrel, with preferred ammo and Dr. Gunner shooting it:

What are my chances this gun would shoot 1/4" with a fair amount of consistency?

50%, 60% 90%?

I want a nice 10/22 version gun that shoots 1/4". I want to cry once on the cost.
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