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Originally Posted by 1917-1911M View Post
If you looked at pictures of some of the rifling in some of them you wouldn't be interested. Walther makes the full size M&P .22. I bought the Smith made compact. Three barrels later I had to get rid of it.....For some reason Smith is broaching the rifling and and must be using worn out tools. This goes for the Victory also. See Smith section for pictures and discussion. I agree, it is an odd looking pistol. Why even consider it when Rugers and Brownings are available. M1911
The Victories seem to be hit or miss . Mine is an early model and the bore is very nice checked with a bore scope . Mine is accurate and has been trouble free from day one . Not the best looking pistol but a very good pistol for what I paid .

The Rugers are a sweet pistol for sure and I intend on getting a MKIV after they are out for a while and the prices stabilize in my area . All I have seen are the Hunters around here and I would want the Target model .
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