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By the serial # prefixes the one I bought is 1969 manufacture date. Has the hammer mounted firing pin; not the transfer bar setup of the 1980s models. Took it to the range today and ran about 100 rounds though it in both DA and SA. Fun gun! The DA trigger is heavy, but no fail to fire/light strikes. THe SA pull is crisp and light. THe sights seem to be pretty on to POA, but as I read lots online, the rear sight screws do come loose very quickly and you have to have a small eyeglass screwdriver flathead to tighten them up. THinking blue locktite may not be a bad idea. But the gun holds steady with that long heavy barrel. Only thing I notice which is a minor annoyance is that the frame cut where the trigger comes through the bottom of the frame has really sharp edges that my trigger finger rubs against.
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