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Ruger 10-22 Sale items

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The following items are on sale until supplies run out:


Ruger 10-22 Buffer
$9.99 Sale Price $4.00 (Sale only good until 10-10-2010)
Save: 60% off
Ruger 10-22 Shock Stop Bolt BUFFER. - Replaces factory steel bolt stop pin - Less felt recoil, quieter action - Reduces wear and stress on receiver.


10-22 Titanium Auto Bolt Release
$16.99 Sale Price $12.99
Save: 24% off
Drop in 10-22 Competition Titanium Extended Auto Bolt Release. Manufactured by E.D.M. process. This strong light weight release extends 1/8" lower than the factory bolt release. Plus, it is serrated to give you a none slip advantage to release your bolt much faster and easier. It drops right in without any modifications.


10-22 A-2 Tool Steel Firing Pin
$30.00 Sale Price $21.99
Save: 27% off
Wire EDM cut from A-2 Tool Steel. Extra mass for reduced incidence of misfires caused by light primer strikes.


Ruger 10-22 Skeltonized Titanium Ext. Bolt Handle
$69.99 Sale Price $49.99
Save: 29% off
Skeltonized Titanium Extended Bolt Handle with 4 OZ Extra Power Spring with Stainless Steel Guide Rod. Weight is .2 OZ.


Ruger 10-22 Magazine
$14.99 Sale Price $10.99
Save: 27% off
Ruger 10 round factory rotary magazine. Still the most reliable on the market.



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