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Originally Posted by alruner View Post
That is a beautiful example of a classic. If you want to find out who engraved it, Homer Tyler's
book "Browning .22 Caliber Rifles 1914-1984" gives a few examples from different engravers that did not sign their work. It is not a complete list, but you may find it helpful. Additionally, it is a bonus that you have the case. The "Hartman" style (White Insert in handle) from approx. 1960 - 1964 were 9" x 23 3/4 .. Post 1964 cases measured 9 1/2 x 27 1/2 and provided room for the scope. I do not know when They stopped using the white insert "Hartman" cases.
I have a copy of Homer Tyler's book and as a former avid Browning .22 collector I found it extremely helpful.

Great little .22!!!
I had a large white insert case that was purchased new in 1969. Who knows how long my dealer had it in stock.
The next style, with the faux stitch plastic handle, probably came out in 1969 or 1970, as I had a 1970 GII that someone added that case to, when new.
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