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Put another sixty-plus rounds through the RST-6 this morning at distances varying from about ten yards to twenty-seven yards using an assortment of Winchester DynaPoint, CCI Standard Velocity, and Federal 36-grain Champion. No issues with the replacement magazine catch, and all of the ammo shot to the same POA/POI. Did have one round fail to extract, which is something very unusual for this pistol. Could not get it to happen again. Cleaning the pistol after the session did not reveal any possible reasons for the extractor to have slipped off the rim of any cartridge.

Having the same POA/POI for different ammo is critical as this pistol has fixed sights, and I would never remember what hold for what round. The good news is I have about 2,500 rounds of the Federal and another 1000 rounds of the Winchester and CCI. That should be enough to keep the pistol fed until the end of the ammo drought.
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