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Butt Plate

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Just came up from the shop where earlier I had been looking at a groady Levermatic Butt Plate. The top portion looked as though it had spent a lot of time being used for a garden hoe. On closer examination the knicks scratches and pits did not seem to be very deep, so what the heck. I gave it a bit of buffing with some 220 grit dry sand paper. The paper quickly got filled with black plastic that easily stuck to my shirt, hands, work towel, well you get the idea. So I moved the area of paper I was using a few times and wiped the heel of the Butt Plate between new areas of sand paper with a terri towel. WHe i seemed to have gotten down through the great majority of damage I switched to some 400 grit from an auto parts store. Same drill. The heel still looked drab and fuzzy but the damage seemed gone. Next I went to some 1500 grit from Pep Boys as well. Now it was positively smooth but still "drab". I layed my terri towel over and empty reloading press and rubbed the heel of the butt plate over that in a circular motion for a couple of minutes.....looks shiney and new.

I am sure one can easily over do it but thought that other folks with forty year old plastic butt plates on Marlins might be interested.

On a related note I have also taken the white line insert that goes under the butt plate and lightly sanded the edges removing stains and dirt quite nicely.

She is coming along nicely dispite surprises in side.

Wood looks decent.

One day I will be able to post photos.......

One asumes I can strip and paint off the reciever and repaint like a Model 60 or Ruger 10/22. I am saving that for last and meanwhile touching up temporarily with a black Sharpie pen.

Oh, well, time to leave the toys alone and back to actual chores.

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