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High Standard Misfires

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I have a High Standard Supermatic Citation which was purchased second hand in excellent condition.
I am having persistent misfires, minimum 1 in 5 rounds.
The rim seems to have an adequate indentation, but obviously not.
Have two bull barrels for this, a 5.5" and 10", both the same problem.
When I first got the gun I was using some Federal Champion ammo. (aprox. 70-100 rounds) with out problems. Then was using Federal Game Shock and after about a box (50) the misfires started.
Decided to replace the firing pin, (purchased from Brownells), still the same problem.
Changed ammo to CCI SV a little better but experienced several non cycles.
Tried CCI mini mag, cycles but still have this darn misfiring problem.
I purchased this gun for Rimfire Silhouette which is timed and no allowances for malfunctions, so not happy.
Can anyone help me with this dilemma before I do a complete dummy spit with this gun.
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