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Good to see that score bumping up Jazzsax8. They sure do seem smaller at 25 yards.

I got some more practice in today, but still getting sorted out. I keep fading as I shoot, and I think time constraints make me rush. If I want to shoot a good score, I need to do it early in my trip.

I shot the first 32 rounds today on a single target, adjusting sights and warm up/practice, with one 1 round out of the rings. Once I got fine tuned more, things loosened up as time went on. I think of the last 25 I had three out.

In any case I'm going to work on 25 and enter some scores, good or bad. It's a completely different game with that extra yardage, with only two of you shooting irons at that distance so far, the worst I can do is 3rd!
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