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Thanks for the reply - I've already been cleaning those two areas, as a matter of fact just yesterday on the Victor and the X-Series. I saw "black stuff" on them and used patches, with a q-tip on the other side, to get rid of it - but knowing what you wrote, next time I'll be even more meticulous.

The most difficult part of cleaning is removing the barrel. On the Victor, it came out easily. On the X-Series, it took a bit more "persuasion", twisting back and forth while pulling. Someone should make a tool that simply pushes the "plunger" in all the bay, freeing both hands for removing the barrel.

A friend of mine, Tony, was at the range yesterday with his older High Standard - I think he said 107 "Duramatic". He has lots of magazines that don't work well, but he has a few he trusts. If I can adjust one of my old magazines to feed properly, I'll let him use the tool on his. Is this done by "hand", or is a vice required?

Last night I cleaned the Victor, then put it in my safe. I think I'm better off working on just one gun at a time.

Another problem is the uppermost corner of my newer magazines. The go into my X-Series easily, but that top left corner hits "something", blocking it from going up higher, and then the magazine goes forwards a small distance, and won't go any further. Alan suggested I paint that part of the magazine with Dykem, and I'll probably see exactly where the problem is. The magazine that won't go into my Victor also won't go into Tony's gun, so I guess I can't blame the Victor. If it didn't cost so much, I would send the gun to Alan. Plan "B" is to let my gunsmith figure this out.

My magazine tool should be here in the next few days so I'll try, little by little, to make the adjustment as noted in the file I downloaded.

I know I'm "wrong", as everyone says it's the "feed lips", but my gut feeling is that if the front lips are bent in so the round can't go up aiming at the moon, everything will be fine.
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