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Originally Posted by mr alexander View Post

It's always good to keep the polished ramp on the frame clean. But, it also helps to keep the front face of the slide clean as well. This surface is the one that pushes live rounds forward off of the magazine for feeding purposes. Examine it closely and you will see a recess machined into it that looks like an upside down letter "U". The rim of a live round gets seated into that recess. I use a round, wooden toothpick to remove any residue that may be present there. While at it, occasionally wipe off the rear face of the barrel, too. A heavy accumulation of shooting residue on any of the areas mentioned can cause all sorts of issues. A swipe with a "Q-Tip" lightly moistened with solvent, followed by a pass with a dry one does wonders.
^^ this is the truth. I fought reliability issues shooting my 103 in bullseye matches. Here's where I've ended up:

1. Keep chamber scrupulously clean.

2. Keep the feed ramp portion of the mag well scrupulously clean.

3. Keep the magazines scrupulously clean.

4. Keep everything else scrupulously clean.

I also was battling a batch of overly waxy CCI SV, which as undermining my effort to keep things scrupulously clean. In cold weather especially it was causing terrible problems. Now I prep all the ammo I intend to use for a match by wiping each cartridge with a cotton rag lightly moistened with CLP to remove excess wax from the projectile, and to deposit a thin layer of light lubrication on the case. This, along with keeping the gun itself clean, has resolved nearly all of the alibis I was experiencing. The only issue I have now are due to an occasional round just simply not going bang- even with multiple strong firing pin strikes. So I believe that's down to quality control issues with the CCI.

I'd probably be using some other ammo in the matches at this point, if it weren't for the current supply challenges. I'll have to suffer through the rest of this case of overly waxed CCI that gives me a FTF at the rate of about 1 per 150 rounds.

Hopefully things will loosen up in the not too distant future, and I can look for some new ammo that achieves that sweet spot optimizing reliability, cost, and accuracy.
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