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Added later....

The drawing posted up above shows the "kicker lips" having an spacing of .230 on new magazines, which matches the magazines I just got from Alan.

The article then says "The kicker lips serve to control the lateral alignment of the round. They should be just wide enough apart so that the round can fit in between them with little or no rubbing." .....well, again, it sounds perfectly logical to do what you suggest, and bend them inwards as this article suggests. Otherwise, they don't do anything. It seems logical to control the height of the front of the round by using the kicker lips (up front) than the feed lips.

Again, I will try what you suggest - no reason not to. But I can't do anything until my new tool arrives.

One last question though - why does the front of the top round rise up like it does, to begin with? It's either resting on the nylon "follower", or it's resting on the round below it. All I can think is that the inertia of the round being pushed upwards as a round is fired, opening up a space behind it, allows the next round to "try" to move upwards, and since we are controlling the rear of the round, the front just moves up as far as it can, with nothing preventing it other than the feed lips at the back of the round. If I'm right, the kicker lips just need to prevent this inertia from allowing the round to point upwards........ .....which I think is the point of what you wrote, to prevent that.

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