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David Valdina
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Hi all, something to try out please.

Here is a post of mine on another thread. Perhaps some of us can shoot with the ammo we usually use, than shoot a full target with the best of the high velocity ammo we have and post the results.
Thanks, David


A lot has been written on this subject and a lot of what is accepted as truth seems to be now open to further question. For years the "truth" was that .22 rimfire bullets passing through the transonic speeds would not be as accurate as bullets which started out as subsonic, and of course, stayed that way. For the long distance centerfire shooters, bullets which stayed supersonic to the target were more accurate than those which didn't. And to really make drawing conclusions more difficult for us .22 rimfire shooters, the quality control in the manufacture of our ammunition plays a huge role. The finest on ammo is very expensive, and does shoot better. Multiple thousands of dollars into custom built benchrest rifles with the finest of rests, scopes, ammo etc. demonstrates what is capable. Long winded maybe, but recent posts question the effect going transonic on accuracy and the consensus seems to me to be that if it has any effect, it is very very small. Without the best in everything, including wind flags, it is difficult to assign a reason to the results without a certain amount of speculation. I have been shooting the 50 yard benchrest iron sight game for many years. I have always used middle of the road match ammo, the old made Wolf Match Extra and SK Rifle Match. I should get some high velocity ammo and try it sometime, same everything else, and see what results I get. I am soon to head North for the summer, so may need to have this a project for next Fall.
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