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There is steel chickens.com and the 22BPCRA association and https://www.facebook.com/groups/490588317982637 on facebook that is primarily dedicated to us single-shot fans who shoot 50/100/150/200m silhouettes.

At my local club (Quinton Sportsman in southern NJ) we shoot any safe rifle with any scope at 5 distances (chickens off-hand at 50m, prairie dogs unsupported at 75, pigs at 100, turkeys at 150 & rams at 200, all from cross sticks). We single-shot shooters are very competitive when we are on our game. I use a CPA Stevens 44 1/2 with Shilen rachet-rifled barrel and an MVA 10x scope shooting against a gaggle of Anschutz 1714s & 54s and other 'fancy' modern guns with variable scopes up to 36x. We don't whine, we just out-shoot them. Great fun and turnout is generally 25+. Very competitive with scores of 45-55. Think the range record is 56. Those pesky chickens are always a trial.
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