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Lloyd S.
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I just got my new 41 last week, and I've got to say the bluing looks great to me, even compared to the older ones. That's not to say it's better, but it is, IMO, at least roughly comparable and it's already d&t'd for a red dot.

Re HV ammo, I looked through the owner's manual and it doesn't say anything about not using it, just mentions using the "correct" stuff in very general terms. I put a couple dozen rds. of CCI Minimag thru it and it ran very well. So did the CCI SV, though I didn't have much of that to try. Aguila SV, of which I have a fair supply, didn't feed well at all. Jammed almost half the time. I think it's too dry, gonna try oiling it up a bit more (I already did that once). This stuff ran pretty well in my Ruger MkII's so long as I didn't load more'n 5-6 rounds at a time. Sure will be glad when the ammo drouth is over!
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