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Thanks. So, how accurate is that Lipsey .22 Hornet? If I knew it would be accurate, I would have considered one, even at the high price. Iím pretty confident they would hold their value, also.

FWIW, I have used No. 1s in extensive bench sessions for years, and, while itís true one must clear the lever, itís a relatively simple matter of using a higher front and rear rest. We always use pivoting field benches for PDs, so a lightish BR front rest and one extra bag in the rear does the trick. The shooting position is also much more upright and produces less neck and back strain over hours of sniping. For strictly PD shooting from such a bench, a 9 lbs+ No. 1 Hornet might have more utility for me. As I think about it, I actually only have one heavy-barreled PD rifle, a VQ .17 WSM, the rest are sleek sporters...that liner is sounding better and better

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