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I just ordered a CZ 457 American in .17HMR. Not because I wanted an HMR, but because I wanted another 457 and that's all that I could find that wasn't out of stock. I have a few 457 barrels in .22LR and one in .22WMR to swap into the new receiver. But now I'm thinking -- what are the relative merits of the HMR vs the WMR? I know the HMR shoots flatter, but is it really all that more accurate than the WMR? Quite a long time ago I had a .17HM2 and found it a giant PITA to clean with that tiny bore. I know there are big fans of both the WMR and the HMR, but do any of you have much experience with both that you could say, yep, go with ____ ! Net, net, should I keep the .17HMR barrel or the .22WMR barrel? (Both are threaded and I have a can, but one is definitely going to go.) Maybe I should post this in the .22WMR forum too?

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