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Originally Posted by MacGhillemohr View Post
I bought some Pistolseed targets from the Appleseed store recently. I shot one set, just to give myself a baseline. Shot with my S&W Model 41. As far as shooting it, the targets are not hard to hit, but the time limits are no joke! I found that I had to shoot a lot faster than I normally do on the rapid fire stages. Throw in magazine changes as well, you have a challenge!

I'm not particularly fast on rapidly changing mags with my 41, I'll probably use one of my 1911's or H&K USP's next time, just for the ease of mag changes.

By the way, I shot a 220, the first time, I'll start practicing in earnest soon. I like a challenge.
I know you like a challenge...LOL. As an FYI, a 250 is possible...one of the Charter Pistol instructors has done it.
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