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Originally Posted by TrooperDan View Post
Took it apart for a look and I am indeed missing the plunger, the spring seems to still be in the recess but I'll see if Havlin's has both tomorrow, thanks for the quick help guys!
General comment for the DIY folks.

If Havlin's do not have the plunger, take the trigger to the hardware store and buy a piece of music wire / piano wire that fits the hole (might be 3/32"). Cut about a 1/4" length, deburr, then lightly round and polish one end (top) and flatten (spring) the other.

I will eventually disassemble my spare trigger to make accurate measurements - something i should have done that the first time around.

A couple of notes:

Have an open work area and magnets.

Music wire and broken drill bits are wonderful materials. I have used music wire for a missing trigger pin, and to make springs. Once you buy a bundle (it's inexpensive), you have a lasting supply.

Keep some 18 - 22 ga copper wire and metal twists from bread loaves, etc. to hold parts together temporarily.

Take pictures, measure parts, take notes.
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