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Originally Posted by vlcakc View Post
The Garrow 17 HMR upper was delivered this afternoon. Swapped the rifle buffer and spring for the ones included in the kit per the included instructions. I swabbed the barrel with a wet, then dry patch and assembled it on a lower that normally has a .204 Ruger upper. The lower is a CMT billet with a Hiperfire 2# trigger, Magpul MOE fixed stock and rifle length receiver extension (buffer tube). The Garrow upper installed with no problems and fit well. Upper is nicely finished and appears to be a quality item.

I don't have a suitable scope mount yet, so decided to do a quick function test with two types of ammo, Hornady 17 gr VMax and Hornady 20 gr XUV. The kit comes with two magazines, so I loaded each with a different load. Fired five rounds of the 20 gr ammo with no malfunctions. The first two rounds of the 17 gr ammo failed to eject. Fired five more rounds of the 17 gr with no more malfunctions. Not sure why the failures to eject occurred. Ran out of time, so had to halt test.

When the weather improves I plan to do accuracy tests at 50 and 100 yards with the ammo I have on hand. More later, Vic
Hey, Vic!

Sounds like it's going well! Keep it running wet and you shouldn't have ejection problems once it breaks in since the tolerances on it are incredibly tight.

-Mike Garrow

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