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Originally Posted by BruceR View Post
Ammo Observation: I had some Wolf .223 ammo with me in addition to a variety of my handloads. When chambered, the Wolf bullet would be driven into the rifling.
Bruce: I have a 527 Varmint in .223. I had the same issue with almost all factory/bulk .223 loads, and the rifle's accuracy out of the box was nothing to write home about (2 inches at 100 yards off of bags) with those types of cartridges (mostly pushing 55 gr. FMJs). [Edit: this included a couple of different types of Wolf .223, as well as other common bulk brands.] Of course, I started tweaking this and that. I found that the barrel was not fully free floated and removed some extra wood with sandpaper and a thick dowel. I also measured the chamber.

Unlike my other centerfire rifles (a Winchester Model 70 in .270 and an H&R Handirifle in .223), which have very long chambers, my CZ 527 had a very short chamber. I took 20 measurements with a Hornady Lock-n-Load tool and a comparator set and my length-to-ogive average was almost .2 inch (that's two tenths, not hundredths or thousandths) less than that of the factory .223 rounds I was sending down range. Shorter rounds (Hornady TAP 55 grain, Winchester Varmint-X in 40 grain, Australian Outback in 55 grain, which all happen to be polymer tipped bullets) all shot MOA at 100 yards. I have been working on handloads to better that.

I had thought of this short chamber syndrome as a defect until someone here at RFC pointed out that unlike many, I could use my factory magazines for handloads, once I figured out a load that worked.

The point of this shaggy dog story is that you might measure your chamber -- if you are pressing bulk .223 cartridges onto the lands, your chamber might be like the one on my rifle.

[Second Edit: I did have some 527 FTFs using some blemished bulk rounds I bought to plink with and then salvage the brass. I don't think the problem was particularly the trigger or the firing pin strike as the problem only presented itself with this one "brand" of ammunition. I like the trigger on mine -- have not adjusted it since the rifle arrived.]

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