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[QUOTE=WilCox;11420483]Removing the LCI can be a pain with some MKIII 22/45's. A non-threaded pin holds the LCI in the barrel. Some pins will simply fall out with a tap from a rubber mallet on the underside of the barrel and some will slide out using a magnet. Others, particularly on the LITE barrels, will only come out after a long session of profanity, if they come out at all.

If you have a stubborn pin, put a couple drops of Liquid Wrench in the hole where the pin inserts. I use a saturated q-tip to get it in the hole. Let the wrench work for at least 20 minutes, then tap the underside of the barrel on a rubber mallet. The pin should slide out. If it doesn't, repeat with the Liquid Wrench until it does.

I've read where some folks have used a dremel to pull the pin and others have used a stripped bolt puller. The Liquid Wrench is far safer and you won't risk ruining the barrel.( QUOTE )

Some of the pins seemed to have an adhesive holding them in and those are really a pain to get out. Acetone will work well to get the adhesive loose so the pin will come out easier. It took me at least three tries before I finally got mine out.
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