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USSG Inc. (EAA): Baikal, Zastava, Sabatti - Including MP161 Rifle .22lr from Baikal

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Well, EAA is back in the game ... EAA MP161K at Zanders Sporting Goods
Originally Posted by Tozman View Post
I guess it must be a Canadian who will have to update US guys on what is happening in their own country

EAA was and still is the importer of all Baikal firearms.
Remington did the distribution for only the last few years. Now Remington is no longer in the picture.

Distribution in the USA will be handled by a new entity (USSG) http://www.ussginc.com/ (site is under construction).
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Looks like USSG and the EAA repair center are co-located.

Service & Repair:
411 Hawk Street.
Rockledge, FL. 32955

US Sporting Goods Inc.
411 Hawk Street, Rockledge, FL
32955 USA
tel: (+1) 321-639-4842
fax: (+1) 321-639-7006
e-mail: [email protected]
U.S. Sporting Goods Inc. Corp.

We are pleased to announce that USSG Inc. is now the importer for: Baikal, Zastava & Sabatti.
... including the new 22 Caliber MP161 Rifle from Baikal.
... Zastava rifles as well, the new Z98 target rifle is offered.
... Sabatti has a new line up as well, including the SAB92SF.
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