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One thing you can do to improve the rifle's performance is stop feeding it whatever you have laying around whenever you have it.

Test some ammo using a clean bore, shoot about 5 groups at 50yds.......25yds doesn't tell you anything.

Then clean it out and try a different ammo and repeat the process.

Shooting 25 rounds of copper plated, then another 25 of waxed subsonic, then another 25 of bare lead all in a single session and bore condition leads to erratic groups.

Once you test and find an ammo that groups good at 50yds.....stick with it religiously. Leave the bore fouled (don't clean it) until you see groups open up.

If you must change ammo, clean the bore out and start a new bearing surface in your bore. Keep it consistent.

If you want to stiffen it up a bit have someone cut a long narrow channel in your stock and epoxy/bed in a few cut down carbon fiber arrow shafts along with a sizeable barrel pad in the barrel channel.

I have a boatpaddle stock 77/22 stainless and it's barrel is completely supported by the stock and shoots awesome. Better than my spender target guns. I never mix ammo's in it and it is super reliable. I've dumped pigeons off barn silos at over 150 yards.

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