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I wouldn't own a wood stocked rifle that wasn't glass bedded. accuracy is produced by consistency. a firearm in wood unless bedded by a top end stock maker just has too much movement. (then the humidity etc must stay the same or you have movement) Unless the rifle is touching the barrel, any movement of the stock for or aft is going through the action. It all comes back to the action.


acraglas comes with dye for matching the wood.

Were it mine, I would bed the action, see how it shoots. if it didn't shoot I would then use tape to get nice clean edges, play dough to keep the epoxy where I wanted it and cards to shim the front end to the proper amount of pressure on the for-end and put a little bedding compound under the barrel so that when all the tape, play dough and cards were removed the barrel would have a nice pad to rest on.

Midway and other youtube channels have good videos on glass bedding, the forehand pad uses the same technique.

Good luck with your rifle.

PS. I have never taken apart a 77/22 and would like to see pictures, there are a couple of reasons to cut a channel, to lighten the fore end and try to move the balance back. or to provide a place to epoxy in a steel or carbon fiber rod to stiffen up the fore end.

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