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I guess I should have rephrased it better. I don't necessarily think it's the barrel moving, I believe it to be the forend. For some reason Ruger decided to route a recess that runs partially down the barrel channel and makes the forearm flimsy. This results in the very end of the stock susceptable to pressure on the forearm from a shooting rest or even hand held torque.
The shims apply upwards pressure against the forearm, which in turn raises the barrel ever so slightly off the wood at the end of the forearm. The shims also fill the minute gap on each side of the barrel which makes it rock solid. I purposely tried to provoke a change in POI by jostling the rifle around, applying pressure at various areas of the forearm, etc., but the rifle remained dead on.
Now I need to find a step by step of how to add a pressure pad that looks professional. I want it to have nice straight edges and dye add dye to the bedding compound to hopefully closely match the stock finish. Can't seem to find anything on Google other than action bedding so still searching.
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