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Sighted in 77/22lr now what

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Just got done sighting in the 77/22lr I picked up In trade yesterday. The fellow I got it from said it would shoot 1 inch groups at 25 yards and he was right. After trying several different types of ammo it became readily apparent that this was all I could expect from the gun as it sat. After doing a closer examination I noticed the end of the barrel shifted around when picked up by the stock forend (so bad it made a creaking sound) or gently pushed from side to side so I cut two shims from a soda can and placed them directly above the sling swivel stud in the barrel channel. It was like magic I tell ya'! All the play was gone, barrel perfectly centered, and groups shrunk dramatically.
On to my question.
Now that I know the gun likes a bit of upward pressure how do I go about using bedding compound to make it permanent? The idea of leaving pieces of soda can under the barrel drives me nuts so I want them gone. Anybody have a link to a decent step by step video or website that outlines the procedure?
Lastly, would you guys be happy with these groups or experiment more before making a semi permanent change to the stock? I was using the blurry Tasco that came with the gun and fighting severe parallex the whole time so I think a Weaver V24 would aid in shrinking the groups even more but I don't want to make the mistake of doing the pressure pad if you guys think I should try other things.

Here are three 5 shot groups at 50 yards using Sinclair rest, rear bag, and perfect weather conditions. What say the hive? Call it good and proceed or try other things first?
Many thanks in advance!

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