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The WGRS receiver sight is pretty affordable, around $40. It is made of aluminum.
I think the Skinner looks better, is all steel, and is a lot lower, so you don't need such a high front sight. But the Skinner is closer to $100.

I have the WGRS peep and FireSight front combo on my Nylon 66. I think the WGRS is easier to adjust, but would be easier to be knocked off if you don't really crank those little screws tight.
The Skinner, once adjusted, seems like it will stay where you want it and never move. It uses Allen head screws, instead of the tiny screwdriver you'll need with the Williams.

One other thing worth mentioning is that the Williams WGRS will mar the top of your receiver. Once slid on your dovetail the sight secures with a hex screw that goes straight down and hits the top of your receiver. It will mar the receiver. You can hit the area with some touch up blue if you remove the sight, but that small mark will still be there.

The Skinner is split along the back of the base, and to secure the sight on your rails, there is a horizontal set screw that when tightened, draws the split closed.
This method is more secure and doesn't mar the receiver.

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